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wool down (cashmere)

«Siberia», LTD Offers you on a regular basis the realization of wool down (cashmere). The product is made by carding of the sheep’s wool. In appearance - homogeneous mass of of carded of downy of fibers.image-08-09-16-11-44-6

Physico-chemical parameters of wool down: 
Fiber length – from 20 mm to 40 mm 
Wool down fiber in diameter 18-22 mm – 95% 
intermediate fiber of wool down in diameter 25-27 mm – 3% 
fibers awns in diameter 46 mm and above – 2%  
Dead hair, random 
Color – white 
Moisture content – 10-12%  
Fat – up to 0,3% 
Herbal impurities - does not contain
Mineral impurities - does not contain 
Dandruff - does not contain  


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